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At 10:53pm on October 23, 2012, Matika Made said…

Hi Michael! So I've been crazy busy with midterms and work.. finally things are cooling down..for now! I was looking into booking my flight to India and it is literally twice as expensive as last year.. I'm so disappointed because it's almost $7,000 for two people and for just under a month I don't know if it's worth it..I know for sure that I will travel somewhere but don't know where now.. any suggestions? The travelling is not for work, I managed to get some decent time off at Christmas so I'm taking full advantage. Still waiting on my photos from the shoot... you know how these photographer types are ;P Any luck on the part-time job search? Too bad is doesn't snow in Florida, you could have shovelled snow for elderly ladies and put some excitement into their week! lol just kidding.. but really what's up with you? Have you got plans for Halloween?

At 4:11pm on October 17, 2012, Matika Made said…

Hey Michael! I'm doing well, thank you! Busy at work and going to school at night but c'est la vie. I did a photoshoot on Monday for this guy's website, I'm just waiting to get the pictures back from the photographer so I'm pretty excited about that! It was a riskay shoot, a bit provocative and was so much fun, watch out for those ;) Recent developments lead me to probably going away in December to India for about a month. Something I've been dying to do for a while so I really have seomthing to look forward to after all this hard work.. It's not set in stone but very probably. How's everythng with you?

At 8:37pm on October 16, 2012, Carmen Becker said…
Hi Michael, I am great been very busy with work thanks it really was a fun shoot, how is your work going?
At 9:21am on October 15, 2012, Melek Karakus said…

So i am back, i didnt go missing or forget about won. Crazy how much time moving takes from you. These rehearsals have been intense and the hours are crazy. I finally got my hands on wifi at home also so i am back and couldnt be more happy!! So apologies, i hope you didnt miss me TOO much :P

In saying that, let's definitely organise a good skype time and day. So by the looks of things, we might be like 15 hours different in time, which sucks lol, but lets confirm that before planning a convenient time.

Ahhh that is so adorable!!!! Hopefully when we skype i get to meet her :) 

What else has been new with you anyway, its been like 2 weeks since we caught up so im sure some interesting things have happened? x

At 2:01pm on October 8, 2012, Tanya said…

hey sorry for late reply been really busy with work and yeah moving to south africa soon so been planning and sorting things whats new with you ? x

At 9:34pm on October 3, 2012, Simon Kais said…
Oh haha sweet!
At 11:11am on October 3, 2012, Simon Kais said…
Hey how's it going?
What do you mean red ribbon haha?
Simon :)
At 8:26am on September 30, 2012, Melek Karakus said…

Yeah right? Haha don't worry so much, i am a patient person. Even if it takes me 20 times to teach you something, i'm sure it will be fun in the process :)

Haha well thanks captain obvious. When they have professional videographers for jobs you'd think there is no need to record yourself. But when you never get those 'professionally' taped videos, then yeah its only logical to start doing it yourself which i am now doing :)

Oh wow, that's awesome. Working from those modelling jobs in bahamas? They must have paid big! Haha. Good for you! I wish i could have a massive big lump sum of cash go in my account right now to last me a couple years haha :P But nah, i like working hard for my money and earning it so one day!

LOL!!!! The dingo's got yoo baby! Omg that is so amazing. I love your dog already and i havent even met him haha. Ok ill do a scoop through all your 250 photos. I got your skype! I havent had a chance to chat with you though. I've just arrived in Macau (Hong kong) yesterday so just trying to settle in. Got my first dance rehearsal for the show tomorrow so thats where i am at! We can organise a skype soon! :) How has your week been?

At 6:47pm on September 25, 2012, Melek Karakus said…

His phenomenal. His only very young, like 17 maybe. His really going to do wonders in the future! Well thank you, really appreciate it. As said in one of our many other convos, i have hardly any footages of some stuff ive done which sucks. Haha i would be more than happy to teach you a thing or two! :)

Yeah it totally blows, but alls well. I have no doubt that i will visit one day. Just the last minute pick up and go idea was what got me excited, unplanned experiences are always the best!

Oh that's so rad. What type of dog do you have? 5 months is long! You must be pretty independent to be able to live on your own at a young age. My weekend was good, just mainly spending time with friends and family before i leave. I started packing today, it's rough. I have so much damn stuff! Typical girl thing i guess lol. Yes let's definitely skype, im all for that. I am always on Skype, chatting with friends and family daily so you can gladly be added to that! My name is Melekay90 

At 10:16am on September 24, 2012, Melek Karakus said…

That's awesome you watch her. So when i make jenna marbles jokes (which i just blurt out randomly) you wont look at me weird like some people haha. Get's a little awkward sometimes. 

Oh well, i'm going to take that as a compliment. Im intrigued to hear you think you know me pretty well now. But i will give you that much, i mean, who does'nt like being centre of attention? :P

Well greece didnt end up happening. I went to the travel agent and its way last minute to book anything, you need like 48 hours in advanced and i dont have time so unfortunatly no greece :( Yeah his a really good friend. I danced with him in a dance company back in sydney, and remained good friends. I haven't seen him in a long time so would have been good! Oh well. 

How was your weekend? :)

At 12:25pm on September 23, 2012, Melek Karakus said…

Yeah would be hard, but that's something i would totally love do anyway. I like to be well known, its a given since i was a kid. Always that kid wanting to be centre of attention haha. Have you heard of Jenna Marbles, or seen any of her youtube videos? I watch her stuff every week. I totally have a girl crush on her! She's hilarious. 

That's good to hear :) Well it's been postponed to more days so my flight isnt until Friday. I have a friend in Greece at the moment and am planning to go for one night to visit. Going to head to the flight agent tomorrow and see whats available. I like last minute adventures, a trip to athens 2 days before i fly to asia, why not!? :P

At 6:40am on September 22, 2012, Melek Karakus said…

I've always wanted to invent something, or make a youtube channel and get famous that way... But every attempt has been an epic fail lol. 

I have no idea, i've forgotten. But i'm sure if you just go on google and type in like, visited world map, or something along those lines i'm sure theres tonnes similar :) I am right there with you on that retirement dream!

I am the new job is amazing, good for you :) 

At 7:44pm on September 19, 2012, Melek Karakus said…

Oh geez. Thats crazy to me. Just like that new gangman style song. How he is famous from that awful song just blows my mind! Here i am trying to get in the industry with training and talent while other people are doing that just by copyrighting words and producing awful songs haha. 

Well i actually came across this site today and it was a map where you tick all the places youve visited. At the end it told me ive visited only 4% of the world. I was so shocked, i thought ive been doing pretty good until today. So i am right there with you on that, got plenty more to see!! Want to make that 4% to 100% :)

Your not stupid... Ok maybe a little silly :P 

Hope the training went well today.

At 8:12am on September 19, 2012, Melek Karakus said…

That's really all the best you can do. Make the most of a situation you are in. Good or bad :) You only live once, or as they now say. Yolo. Has that reached america yet? Or maybe it started in your country, either way i hate it haha! 

Well i actually don't know. Its spelt Macau, but some people spell it Macao. So ugh, i don't know myself. Let's just stick to Macau. So yes, you spelt it right lol and maybe you will get a chance to go someday! :)

Oh yay!!! That is so great. Congratulations. Very happy for you. And an extra congrats on all the free clothes your going to score!! Haha i am 22 years old, but you clearly already knew that :P

At 2:11pm on September 18, 2012, Melek Karakus said…

Haha yeah its tough but ive always been with friends that have been just as close as family so i havent exactly been lonely or anything. But it is still hard! In saying that, being apart of this new family will just be as joyful :)

Thank you, really means alot. I am sure you will get the chance to travel, you are only young! It's funny though because you saying you get to go bahamas and around america is so amazing to me, where as you think my life is awesome. People are always fond of other peoples lives, its quiet funny! 

I am not so sure what the time difference is and if its been 11am yet on your end, if so, how did the job go? Did you get it? If not my fingers are crossed for you, sounds cool! 

Haha yeah i hear ya, Macau is my job for now until WON pulls through! Free clothing? Nice! That's a bonus for sure!!

At 8:25pm on September 17, 2012, Melek Karakus said…

That's really precious. Nothing is more important than family, especially celebrating in special occassions. Unfortunatly i havent spent christmas with my family for 3 years now. This year being my 4th so that blows for me haha. Oh well!! I will be just as happy to be spending it with another soon to be family with you and the rest!! :) 

Haha, well thank you. I appreciate it very much. I am very happy and content with my life, and its only begun. Bigger and better things yet to come i hope!! LOL, yes i agree. I love meeting new people for that reason!... How did your interviews go today, what were they for? And a truck, cool! What sort!? :) x

At 1:34pm on September 17, 2012, Melek Karakus said…

Nice! Always good spending the end of the year with family. I'm excited also, i can't compress the excitment any longer for this all to start happening! 

Haha, well Macau is in Asia, and it is 30 minute boat ride from Hong kong which i am sure you have heard of before :P So it is cool i get to go in and out of two places all the time. So there you have it,you learn something new everyday :)

At 12:47pm on September 17, 2012, Tanya said…
Yeah it has and thank you hunnie x
At 10:22am on September 17, 2012, Melek Karakus said…

Yeah this time of year is always the busiest. Getting closer to christmas and the new year. Crazy how fast the year has gone! It seems like every year becomes shorter and shorter. Do you have any plans for christmas and new years? That is of course if we arent celebrating it together with the WON family :P 

I leave in 10 days to Macau. Getting very excited, will be good to be back on the stage and dance again! I have been relaxing for a good month now so i am ready to get back into it :)

At 7:05pm on September 16, 2012, Taylor Butikofer said…

No problem bud!

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