The Appearance of Substance and the Substance of Appearance

I don't know what it is about the internet or the modern culture of beauty as a whole, but this obsession with what looks good at the moment is quite depressing. I do appreciate a man complimenting my physical appearance, but when all he seems to care about is how "beautiful' or 'sexy" he thinks I am, that takes away from the meaning of the compliment. I know there are some men that will never understand why a woman would seem to “complain” about getting compliments, but it's not that I'm complaining, there are ways to do things. It's a choice considering what the true intentions are with a woman and what exactly is expected from said woman.


I posted this on a website earlier:

"If you can't see beyond what you think is "sexy", you are truly missing out on what's real & what really matters. A woman that is just "sexy" is ineffective. A woman that is "sexy/attractive" because she IS effective (with her mind & how she carries herself) is a woman to be treated with the utmost respect & dignity."


I believe from the bottom of my heart that physical appearance will always be trumped by personality, integrity and grace. No matter what a woman may look like on the outside, if she's ugly on the inside, it will always show and it will never be possible to hide. I know this blog isn't going to "change the world" or it might even make some people look at me sideways, but if I could get one person to think on what I'm saying and get something out of it, I am satisfied. 


To God be the glory in everything I do and everything I am :-)


God bless!

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