Repurposing Job Skills Through Activities

The majority of displaced workers find themselves in a depressed state of mind and lacking a sense of accomplishment in their life. Problems arise out of this depression. A person having no outlet to use their trained work ethic. The effort to use these skills away from a paying job, yield negative results in such ways as hoarding; misplaced busyness; and settling into a routine of doing the minimal.

The acquiring of material items during a time of depression is scientifically proven to stimulate the pleasure region of the brain. When this activity is not monitored or stopped, it will result in debt accumulation, material hoarding and the purchasing of extra storage space. Understandably this activity steams from a need to be emotionally supported.

The second way a persons work ethic results in negative behavior is through misplaced busyness. Most times as a person in the workforce we are generally running all over the place and multi tasking. This trained skill set is embedded in our everyday life. We try to fulfill this training in the street going from store to store. We surround ourselves with people and we feel obligated to participate in the market place by making purchases with money we don’t have.

The final activity that keeps people in a depressed state is little to no activity in maintaining the household as a displaced worker. It is viewed as being lazy or lack of motivation. The problem arises that the person is overwhelmed by not knowing how to transfer their work ethic from the job and into maintaining their household.

As a displaced worker there is an opportunity to acquire a sense of accomplishment, utilize your work ethic, and transfer the discipline into a hobby as an outlet. This hobby or crafting activity will provide a solution to the results of negative behavior discussed earlier.

Hobbies have the ability to focus you mind and create a feeling of instant accomplishment. There is an opportunity to involve family and friends in a productive and positive activity with you. You never know what avenues will open up for you or what new area of interest you have that will develop in a natural talent. But, above all these, it places the individual power back in your hands to create, and that you can also giveaway as gifts.

Penny Lane and Nicole Steele

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